Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Peppermint

Since 2007, we have been working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM in law firms.

This has been both using the system to capture quality information when opening clients and matters as well as the more “usual” Sales / CRM / Marketing functionality.

For some clients, facilities have also been provided to extend CRM out to the Internet – allowing real time registration for events, capturing client feedback, etc.

Building on this depth of experience, since 2014 we have been working with Peppermint to provide three broad service areas:

  1. Provision of in depth Management Information / Business Intelligence using the new Excel 2013 tools.
  2. Advice and assistance in the customisation of Peppermint – including hands on skills to amend all areas from customisation of Entities / Forms, through dialogues and workflows to Reports (SSRS). This has built on our deep understanding of how law firms operate and finding cost effective solutions to what otherwise seem difficult and expensive requirements / problems to resolve.
  3. Conversion of Arista / Artiion data into Peppermint where we have been selected by Peppermint as the sole supplier for these conversions.

We are seeing a continual growth in the way that Dynamics CRM is being used by law firms – with the introduction of Peppermint into this area, we expect this area to continue to grow over the coming years with new ways of working and new facilities becoming more and more available.

In our experience the implementation of a system like Dynamics CRM / Peppermint is the start of firms developing new ways of working and providing new services to clients. We have worked with firms to help them do this since 2007 and look forward to doing this with the firms now implementing Peppermint.